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Trouble transfering my plug-in objects from my pc to my new mac system

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I have recently purchased a mac, and along with it I bought VW 10. Now I am trying to transfer my plug-ins from the object library (custom truss drawings I have added to the resource browser) on my pc to my mac with no success. I write the whole folder to a cd and the filename is aa library.mcd. When I open the cd on my mac, vectorworks does not recognize the file type, and can not open the file. Do I need to export the file in a different file type, or is it just impossible to transfer all my work? Please help! Thanks.

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As I'm sure you know, but to bear in mind that as these objects were created in versions earlier than VW10 the program will have to convert these into the VW10 file. I usually save this upon opening, and you'll then see it on your hard drive as a VW iconed file, not just a doc icon with .mcd after it.

As said before VW needs write permissions to open a file. A burnt CD does not give that of course.

Make sure you are up to date on releases. You should have 10.5.1


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