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Parametric table - questions


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Hello everyone,

I'm beginner in Marionette and It is my very first topic.

I'm creating a parametric table and I have some questions:


1) How to set minimum and maximum values for distances (height, depth and width)?


2) The table has two texture parameters. Depending on what material I choose to the board, it changes the legs as well, to another random material. Why am I doing wrong?


3) Is it possible to set a fixed material? For example, keep material for legs always as Stainless Steel that users can not change - similar as we have with Revit Family Type parameters.


Here is some pictures to get an idea of my questions:







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Could you upload a file? It would be much easier to check some things.


1. As I know you can't set min/max values directly. What you can do is

a) change/build from scratch new REAL node and add min/max values into the script.

b) add set of nodes that check if given value is different than desired. E.g. VALUE connect to CONDITION (greater than), if no run script, if yes - ALERT DIALOG that activates info about wrong value.


2. Could you set a file to check this.


3. I think yes. Try to remove node's Name. E.g. for "Get Texture" node delete "Name" (LegsTexture) in OIP. Then it would not appear in OIP of Marionette Object.

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Try this one.

One table is yours, works fine for me.

Second table is with "fixed" leg texture. You can not change leg texture without editing script.



Made new "Real" node. The work like this: in OIP define "min" and "max" value. If "real" value extends min/max value it changes to min/max value.


real = 150, min = 20, max = 100   if you run the node it will generate 100 (real value is bigger than max, so it sets real to 100)

real = 5, min = 20, max = 100   if you run the node it will generate 20 (real value is smaller than min, so it sets real to 20)

real = 50, min = 20, max = 100   if you run the node it will generate 50 (real value is between min (20) and max (100), so it remains the same)


Hope this is what you had in mind.


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