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VW 2020 - SP3 Problems - Export to DWG


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I have just updated VW2020 to SP3 and exported some file to DWG that I have been exporting earlier in the day, after export the DWG.

On opening the file in ProjeCAD (also checked in AutoCAD) the DWG is a mess with lines all over the place.


Extract of model below - Original exported prior to SP3:



After updating to Sp3:



I have duplicated this in a test file by creating a extruded rectangle (5x5x5m) square to grid.



Exported to DWG using the same settings as previously used and opened in ProjeCAD


Each face is now subdivided.

In the same file I then created two additional extruded rectangles, one square to the grid and one rotated.


Plan view:


3D perspective View:



Again exported to DWG using the same settings as previously used and opened in ProjeCAD

3d Perspective view:


The top and bottom surfaces of the extruded rectangles that was rotated are now a mess.

The extruded rectangles that are square to the grid appear intact apart from each face now subdivided.


Can you please advise how to revert back to VW SP2 as I have wasted a few hours now messing around with this.

And fix this ASAP


Setting as used in the export for reference:

(Have also tried changing the settings but same results.)


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Posted (edited)

Did I miss an announcement of SP3 ?



Can you post a small demo DWG and/or VWX ?

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I can do in the morning as have finished for tge evening.



Regarding reverting back to previous version, i remembered how to do it, was getting frustrated trying to get work out.



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Posted (edited)

OK so you can work again.


I haven't seen any hint of SP3 on all sources,

maybe reverted after your thread.



As for the Subdivisions,

I have seen that in previous VW Versions.

Maybe no more since 2019.

In Bricscad I can DMSIMPLIFY all DWG Solids at a time.



But somehow your first screenshots look a bit like Geometry

was a) far from internal origin or b) came in/out at wrong scale.

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