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Vectorworks 2020 malfunctioning



I am finding that VW2020 is malfunctioning a lot on my system. Objects shown in one place, but when selected, the highlight is offset substantially - ie more than the size of the object it self. Objects disappear off the screen, but if I do a select-all, it shows me a highlight for that object. Several other little malfunctions occur from time to time, and the program shuts itself down way more often than any previous version I have worked with. I haven't worked with 2018, and very little with 2017 or 2019, but 2016 seemed reliable and solid. I like a lot of the functions in later versions though, and am not keen to go back. But the frequency with which I find 2020 crashes or malfunctions, requiring a restart (which usually fixes the malfunction) is becoming quite problematic, and reducing my productivity substantially. Anyone else find this? Is the re a fix? I am working on an iMac with High Sierra,  10.13.6, 40GB memory and over 2.75TB available on my hard drive. Should I be using a later version of MacOS? Doing something differently? 


UPDATE - other little problems:

- objects that are there and visible on the design layer, marked as visible in the viewport, but stop showing up in the viewport

- when trying to create a detail viewport: the system asks me to return to top/plan view before creating a detail viewport, when I am already in top/plan view, unrotated.

- insistence that a viewport has more than one drawing label when there is only one

Some of the issues seem to resolve when I un-rotate plan, for instance the selection offset.

If I create a new viewport showing the same portion of the plan, some of the disappeared objects will show up again - in the new and the old viewports. At least until next time.

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