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Vision Orientation Issue

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Hello All,


I hope you can help me with an issue.


I have 12 x GLP X4 bar 20's in my plot 6 x 2 as per the first screen shot from VW. when I export in ESC or MVR the bars are as screenshot 2 & 3.

when I rotate on the Y or the Z they rotate as screen shot 4. this image has 6 bars with the Y at 90 degree and 6 with the Z at 90 Degree.

Any idea how I can rotate them so they face forward?


Thank you all in advance for whatever help you can give.




Image 14-03-2020 at 16.38.jpeg

Image 14-03-2020 at 16.48.jpeg

Image 14-03-2020 at 16.13.jpeg

Image 14-03-2020 at 16.15.jpeg

Image 14-03-2020 at 16.48.jpeg

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