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How to assign legacy classes to new ones?

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I"m wanting to clean up our office class standards and having a devil of a time doing it.


How do you "map" old classes to new ones?  Is it possible?


For example, let's say I want "nonplot" to now be "2D-nonplot" so that I can group all of my 2D classes in one section.

As soon as I bring in a legacy object / symbol from our last twenty years of work with an object assigned to "nonplot" it will recreate that class.


I would like to have a "map" in place that automatically assigns all incoming obsolete classes to new ones.

Is there a way to do this?



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Yes, it looks to be a dead end.  It only works for setting up the drawing.


Apparently, "smart paste" was the closest solution - but support was discontinued last year. 


So it seems the only solution is to periodically delete the offending classes and then "reassign" the objects to new classes until one's classes are finally scrubbed clean.  That seems like a really long, slow and terrible work-around.


What seems like the obvious fix would be for the "Standard Naming" to re-assign new objects placed in the file according to the mapping laid out by User.

I'm surprised this hasn't been implemented.  Now, if I can just remember how to move an existing thread to the wishlist part of the forum...



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