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Draw 3d diamond help

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Hi All,


Trying to work out how to draw a simple diamond shape in 3d. Unsure the best way to do it, I  tried drawing the 2d and finding ways to 'weld' the object together but nothing really worked. Would appreciate some tips. I thought maybe i could also draw a 4 sided pyramid and create from that but theres no tool for that so back to my original confusion. Sorry for the basic question.


This is the shape I am after... How to best create this in 3d? Would it be to create the side and then rotate and combine surfaces to make the top half then flip and make the bottom and combine? 

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Love this game.  How many ways can you draw the same thing.


I assumed the center profile was 2 equilateral triangles back to back.  But if it's a square, you win.  1 step 🙂


And I just realized I could have skipped a step in my solution.  Locus, center profile shape, locus all stacked up.  Multiple extrude.  Done.

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I would make two pyramids and then add solid them together. 


Draw a square the right size and put a 2d locus in the center. Select both objects and run MODEL-MULTIPLE EXTRUDE. When the dialogues comes up, pick the height of the pyramid (half the height of your whole finished object. 

Switch to front view and mirror the pyramid below using the mirror tool with the hinge point being the base of the first pyramid. Select both pyramids and run MODEL- ADD SOLIDS. 

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