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Plane - 3D - What is that for?

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I am trying to brush up with 3D skills and learn some things that have always puzzled me, but I have never had time to investigate (Yes- 50% of my work has been cancelled!)


One of these things is 3D planes.  I've noticed that :


  • A rectangle drawn on the layer plane is always at a Z height of 0 - though the object info palette doesn't say this.
  • Moving it up using 3D move command, moves it to the "3D Plane"
  • As it's a 2D object still (I suspect) - I don't get a Z height on the Object Info palette (not sure why not).  ie - draw two identical rectangles on the layer plane over each other, then move one up the Z axis 1m or whatever.  Nothing indicates in the Object Info the big difference in location in your drawing - other than one is on the 3D plane and one isn't.  I think it would be useful to show the Z height of a 2D object as it makes it easy to reference / move
  • Changing 3D plane in the Object Info palette to working plane seems to rotate the rectangle along the X axis ( but then the drop down box reverts to 3D plane, even though I just changed it to working plane


Does 3D plane just indicated that a 2d object is on the layer plane - but not at a height of z=0?


Finally - what's the difference between pressing Command+\ to set the working plane, and "Shift+1" to set the working plane?  Don't they do the same thing, but Shift+1 gives you more options?




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