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one symbol inserted into two walls?

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Hy all,


Using a background from a geometer, I want to differenciate the existing walls from the ones I create (We're insulating the old walls), I want to know if it is possible to still have two different walls touching each other and then that a symbol (door or window) inserted in on of them can make the hole in the second wall... I probably have to create a ghost symbole of the same size that the first one or to merge the two walls in one.


Thanks for your answers

2d plan.png

3d 1.png

3d 2.png

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My question leads to another one.

I created a class system by "batch" (sorry, I don't really know the technical vocabulary in english, I mean I have a set of classes for all the concrete works, a set for the wood works, one for the exterior cladding, one for plastery, and so on). That's what appears to be the best organisation regarding my preceding experiences.

Some of the walls are "trans-batch", for example, a wooden frame wall mixes components from the woodwork classes set, from the exterior cladding set and finally from the plastery set. So, my question is quite simple, in which class are you used to put the global wall?


PS: to explain the context, our office was working in 2D and I try to change that and bring a better use of VW...

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Hello A2M,

Interesting questions.

Q1-> a single Symbol cannot punch 2 walls. But what you can do is create 2 wall styles;

WallStyle 1 to represent the existing walls and

WallStyle 2 to represent the existing walls with new work (insulation etc).

You can Replace the existing walls, where appropriate, with Style 2 and place windows there as needed.


Q2-> The components or a wall should be classed differently from the wall itself. So if you have classes for Stone, Wood, Finish-Interior, Finish-Exterior you would have other classes for the walls themselves eg Wall-Exterior-Wood and Wall-Exterior-Stone

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Thanks a lot!

That's also the conclusions I got to! But as I'm learning by myselff, I'm not sure and prefer to ask!

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