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Safe Hand Lettered Font

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I would like to get a good hand lettered font for our drawings. Particulary when using the sketch rendering feature for presentations. (We are on Macs) We had a very bad experience many many years ago with Graphite Light. It ended corrupting a lot of files. Also some fonts we used (also many years ago) no longer print. I've searched previous posts and I know I need to get a true type font. Do I nead to check for post scripting or not? Anything else I need to check for? I really like the Architect font and (Oh No) the Graphite Light font I found at font.com. Help -I'm scared to download any fonts after the previous disaster.

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Thanks, The Tekton does look good. I also tried the link for the Architect's Font Package but unlike the Adobe site I could'nt find examples of what the fonts actually looked like only verbal descriptions. By the way does open font mean the same thing as true type font?

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Adobe's OpenFont actually includes TrueType and PostScript type 1 info. You'll be fine with OpenFont. It'll actually give you a few more letter types (called glyphs) as well as extended language support.

We bought the Arch Font Pack some time back and ended up not using any of them. Not because they wouldn't work, but because they didn't really appeal to us.

Good luck,

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Adobe offers a CD with all their fonts displayed and testable. You just pay for the ones you like...

Also, keep in mind the need for WWW compatibility and if you plan to distribute via PDF ... remember to embed the fonts which will usually add about 300K to the file size. A misinterpreted font will usually be replaced with Courier. Disasters have been known to happen. Standards for font select should include compatiblity and most importantly whether not the font is readable under most normal conditions by those in the field who need the information.

In my experience cursive fonts while looking sexy have a nasty habit of confusing numbers; 8 looks like 6 and 6 looks like 0 ... dimensioning with handwritten cursives especially at less than 12pt is often problematic.

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The safest bet is to get a font from Adobe. These are copywrited fonts that have been through different testing processes. Many of the 3rd party font sites offer semi-TT fonts and don't always conform to the font type standards. This opens the door for file corruption, image export and printing problems.

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