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V12 And Binding Acad Xrefs

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This does appear to be a step in the right direction for those who must regularly inter-act with AutoCAD users/drawings. Perhaps someone at NNA could comment: ...

While binding is fine in order to get a VW drawing file that is visibly like the hardcopy version as printed from AutoCAD, how do the 'bound' Xref's appear in Vectorworks - as symbols or as drawing objects (lines etc...)? And, if VW "understands" the native DWG file format enough to Bind Xrefs, does VW keep track of this so it can, in effect, un-bind the Xrefs on export to a DWG file?

Now, perhaps the simple answer would be, if one needs to interact regularly with and edit AutoCAD drawings for an AutoCAD client, perhaps then, one needs AutoCAD [Frown] . Take for example....

A client sends a AutoCAD drawing (the parent dwg) and associated Xref(s) (the child drawings) and wants me to edit/revise/add to the Parent Dwg. Binding on the VW side is fine ? it gives me the full picture/context of the drawing I am to work one (e.g. adding wiring info to a drawing that has the building outline Xrefed into it). I open/edit/save etc several times until complete. Time to export to DWG to return to client. Do I (or could I in the future?) have the option to export the ?Parent? only but with the AutoCAD Xref information still intact. What the client receives back is the parent only, and if the Xref info is intact, the client, when he opens up the parent, AutoCAD will load the Xref?s (perhaps even changed ones!) from ?His? files. Lost you???


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