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How does a "Trouble Shooting" thread get to be a "Known Issue"?

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I posted an issue that I continue to have with rendering 3d objects under the Trouble Shooting section. See Why are these lines rendering?

Another user added their "me too" statement to which I responded with additional information. Now suddenly that forum indicates that the issue has been answered, which it has not.

Am I expected to repost whenever someone comments instead of supplying an answer in an effort to have it recognized as an outstanding issue???




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I've never really understood this either, but I think it becomes a little more official if you submit a bug report:



Similarly, I think the only way for a feature request to have a chance of being noticed is if it is posted to the appropriate forum section:  https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/forum/19-wishlist-feature-and-content-requests/&do=add


If someone has better info, please chime in.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

There are several ways to have this addressed by Vectorworks,


You can post it on the trouble shooting forum as you have done and get help from the community.


As @E|FA suggests you can submit a bug report or make a feature request using the links in his post.


A third option is to contact our tech support team directly using the link below


They will work with you to find a solution.





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