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Data Visualization Legend - Font Size Incorrect



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@EJ Berendsen if you have a visualization applied to a viewport, a legend should be automatically generated in the lower left hand corner of the viewport, within the annotation layer. If you have previously deleted the legend, or one is not present. enter the annotation layer of the viewport with the visualization applied, right click and select "Create Data Visualization Legend". Apologies, the options shows up in a context menu and I'm not able to get a proper screenshot. The option is 2/3rds of the way down in the context menu. Good Luck!

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EDIT: It looks like a file problem. I have tried it in a new file and it works as it should. But the file I'm working on is still not showing

          the data visualisation legend.


@ScottLebsackThank you for the replay.


I have tried what you are saying but I don't see the "Create Data Visualisation Legend" in the right click menu.


I have made a screenshot of the menu when doing right click inside the annotation layer.


I'm using Vectorworks 2021 Design (Spotlight)







Screenshot 2021-01-04 at 16.32.33.png

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