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Now that v12 has arrived perhaps we can start a wish-list of upgrades for this Forum.

My wish is for a searchable javascript XML popup window with Abbreviations, Acronyms, and Reserved Terms with definitons for all the concepts used in this Forum:

some examples:

PIO = Plug-in Object

OIP = Object Info Palette

VP= Viewport

DL= Design Layer

SL= Sheet Layer

HL= Hidden Line

LvSec= Live Sections

VRML = VirtualRealityMotionLink ?

OpenGL =

FQR=Final Quality Renderworks

FQRy= Final Quality Radiosity

This would not only be beneficial to experienced User but greatly enhance the experience of New Users who may feel intimidated by all the cryptic postings & responses. Just the other day I couldn't make heads or tails outta one topic ; )

Maybe if we start the list NNA will add the necessary javacode to it's servers.

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There's a section called Wish List under the main Tech Board link. You are welcome to post wish list items at any time in this place. You can certainly post them here too. Unfortunately, the wish list items here tend to get lost through the posts more than the Wish List section.

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