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Hardscape annotations


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Hi guys,


 i have a question, more about the settings of the program than a way to draw with it.

When creating an hardscape is possible to show the annotation with the name of the surface and the area and perimeter. My verison of vectorworks is in english, so the annotation displays for example "Main area: 100 sqm". Is it possible to change this settings? And instead of that having something like "Surface: 100m2"? Is it also possible to have the annotation in another language in case?


I already tried with the document setting, but if i change there from "sqm" to "m2" it changes just in the object info and not in the annotations!


Thanks for your answers

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Also if you change your settings in preferences to meters, you need to toggle a change in the hardscape for it to show the change. Something like check off draw border and then check it back on.

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