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Wrapper with Control Geometry doesn't show all the points

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Hi, I've been trying to divide a polyline (drawn in vectorworks) using a marionette script. I want the script to first divide the polyline into equal parts and create a locus point as well as a locus point on each of the corner vertices. However it only creates the corner vertices and doesn't create the points on the polyline. I might not be using the control geometry node properly in this one as it isn't producing the result I want it to.

Your help is greatly appreciated.


Thank You

Geometry divide.vwx

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To clarify the issue I'm having:


I'm trying to figure out how to use the control Geometry node. However, I'm not having much luck with it. Does the control geometry node work only when it's connected to one operation? For example, Control Geometry>Get point on Poly>locus. Can this same control geometry node be connected to another node like Control Geometry>move while simultaneously being connected to the previous Get Point on Poly node? If not, what's the possible work around for this?

Attached is the file I'm working on but the control geometry node doesn't work when connected to 2 nodes. I converted the wrapper and polyline to an object node and did those steps but only the corner vertices get created. The other points on the poly don't appear.


I'm stuck trying to figure this out

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Your problem is not the control geometry node. It returns the geometry of the marionette Objekts.

The problem is that the locus node gets both 2D and 3D inputs and it can't handle it (for whatever reason). Simply convert the 3D points to 2D points and your network will return the desired points.


But you still get some points that are at the same location and the divide curve node deletes the polygon. But you can solve these points with some dataflow/math nodes and a duplicate of the polgon.

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