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How to model a Raised bed


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What's the easiest way to model a raised bed fille with soil in vectorworks? The way I am trying to go about it is form a shell and then make another cuboid inside thats textured as soil. But is there any other simpler way? Similary whats the easiest way to make a simple rectangular pond filled with water slightly lower than the brim?


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Generally model with extrudes. However you could also utilize the Pad with retaining edge mode of the site modifiers to create the hole or elevated pad. This will give you proper cut and fill.

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@BGD One way to make the pond water is to just make the surface of it rather than the volume:

>Create/locate a 3d poly or NURBS surface in shape of the pond

>Give it a solid fill (Eg white)
>Apply a water texture from the vwx default library
>Raise/lower z value to suit

>Render with Renderworks


If the  pond is filling a terrain depression, rather than a constructed pool, make the 3d poly or NURBS surface a bit larger than the highest likely water level would need. Might be easiest to start with a 2d circle or other and convert to NURBS, then to NURBS Surface

>Place it at desired z

>Select the terrain and the surface>Section Solids to remove the excess.

Note use the terrain as sectioning object and enable the Retain Sectioning Object option. 

>Apply fill and texture


The Section Solids step is necessary if pond area is required or if cross sections will be made through the pond (which would show the surface edge extending into the soil).


A few more steps needed if the volume shape is needed. Here is an older thread. Scroll down a ways to find to the modeling posts:


good luck!


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