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how to copy viewport settings across files

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Hello all,


I'd like to copy viewport settings (rendermodes, lighting settings etc) to other viewports in different files. The eyedropper tool does most of what I want within one file put I don't know how to get the eyedropper info into a script. It seems this should be easy; like using custom-tool/attribute to get the info to copy into a script...



Frank Schnater

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This may be of some help or not.

By grouping a normal viewport you can copy and paste it to another file, but knowing that some attributes will not be carried over. for instance the layers it is linked to are not carried over. The latter I believe is because the viewport does not have the functionality to create any missing layers where as missing classes and their attributes will be created simply through the act of copying the objects into the file beforehand. So that said some functionality of a viewport must be setup/entered into the file for a view port to function correctly which is why I suspect the application is set up to prevent direct copying of viewports from file to file.

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