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Hi guys,


I have a file A and I have a file B. The file B contains imported layers from file A where all layers are locked because I need to use in Lumion but at the same time it needs to be updated to show the external facade.

My problem is when i try to change a class, wall, component, etc on file B because i need for Lumion, automatically it is disappearing when the external reference is updated. If it is any way to keep the new changes on the file B without changing by file A external reference updated?


Thanks guys!

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Hi @rebu1985,


In file B, right click on File A in the references part of the navigation palette or organization palette and select edit.  From here you should be able to turn off the option to automatically update out of date references during the file open.  Apart from this, it shouldn't automatically update the references if you've got both files still open when you save the edit to the reference file.


Unless anyone knows any other option for this.

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Are you importing layers or referencing layers?


I think if you are importing, it will remove and overwrite anything that is on the imported layer. Referenced (I think) will leave anything that has been added to the layer and only update the reference.


I don't think you are going to have any luck in trying to make changes to objects brought in from File A in File B and not have those changes effected when you next bring the file in again. 


By using references you can probably add objects and have them stay, but unlikely to be able to edit or change classes.

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