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Deleting Site Surface Vertexes

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Not totally sure what you have? But if you are using 3D polys to create the site model use the command. Modify>drafting aids> simplify polys. try setting the value to 6"or 12" and see if that helps.


If you have something else other than this just PM me the file and I will have a look.

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Thanks for responding. I've got a train wreck I created while on a steep learning curve. I'm sure I went about everything wrong, but site modifiers/pads weren't working as expected or needed so I used a bunch of stakes and have been editing manually, making it worse. A simple delete vertex while surface sculpting seems like a huge missing option at the moment. Since I've manually edited a bunch, if I recreate the site model from the source data, all my edits will be destroyed.


Thanks for looking at the file....don't roll your eyes too much. 😭

surface mesh.png

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In the 'I wish I knew then what I know now department': 3d polys make life so much easier than doing it the stupid way I was going about the contour manipulation. The pads weren't nearly as intuitive and controllable as 3d polys. Thanks for pointing me in that direction.

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