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ODA Platform Error



I'm trying to export a file to dwg format and get an error message advising that there is an ODA Platform error and a dwg is not produced.


We are just switching over to VectorWorks from AutoCAD so the original drawing was generated in CAD then imported into VectorWorks.  Now I have to export as DWG again so as to share it with other consultants.


I tried exporting as older DWG files and including referenced files as separate layers instead of separate files.  I still get the same error message.


Any solves would be appreciated.



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didn't want to share drawing with company details
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I am also having issues with this error. I tried purging what I could (I am not going to purge coincident objects etc.) but it didn't solve anything.


Edit: I did solve this. The issue is it fails when writing to a network attached storage drive. it works when saving to the local drive. I have a Synology based drive.

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sounds like the ODA library just cant handle common characters in file paths...


I always use underscores in my file names and normally dont have problems exporting DWG..but exporting to a NAS device seems to have pushed it over the edge, probably because of the \\ in the file paths

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