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Adding site modifiers to existing site model and proposed site model conflict with aim to calculate cut and fill

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I have added 'Pad' and 'Pad with Retaining Edge' site modifiers to the Existing Site Model. When I try and add a 'Pad with Retaining Edge' site modifier to the Proposed Site Model, warning triangles (Site Modifier Conflicts) come up where the proposed site modifiers overlap the existing site modifiers. I am aware that if site modifiers touch/conflict, results may not be as expected.


But how to I overcome this? Is there another way to do it? Can I export the existing, modified site model and then import it in a new file as just 3D loci/contours then when I add a site modifier, there won't be any site modifier conflicts?


My ultimate aim is to calculate the cut and fill of the site based on the modified existing site model and the proposed site model.



1. The proposed site modifier is selected with the existing site modifier in red.

2. Show the site modifier conflicts

3. The model in 3D. The proposed site modifier is supposed to create a flat slab at 40.135m, instead, I have part of the terrain cutting through.

4. Shows how the proposed site modifier is working on some parts of the model and other parts it is not. This pad should be at one level.


Thanks for your help in advance!

Proposed Site Modifier.png

Site Modifier Conflict.png


Proposed site modifier not working.png

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@Cara2 What I like to do in this case is double click the DTM, Edit existing site model contours (created from the modifiers on the existing terrain), in this window select all contour lines and paste them in a new document or even the same on another layer. Then select those pasted lines and convert to 3D Poly, then ungroup the mass. You then have new lines to create your site model based on the altered original DTM.


Hope this helps!

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The reason the workaround is needed is that VW does not allow existing and proposed site modifiers to cross.  Please vote (arrow at top left of the page) for the wishlist item I added: 

And more info on this thread: 



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Thanks for both of your help.

@E|FA I have voted on the wishlist and @bgoff I have followed your idea and taken the modified existing model contours and copied them into a new file.

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