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Set Record Field for several identical items

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Hi Forum


I'm really new in Marionette, so I get struggle on some (maybe) easy points. I want to connect objects (Symbols OR Marionette-Objects like rectangle,...) to a record and if the Object is existing more than just once it should be set the same way every time. I tried it this way but its not working. Do you have any ideas?


Forum_Set Record x times.vwx

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I would always assign one individual value in a database, in your case for example the position of the symbol. Alternatively, you can create one individual number (inventory number). Than keep this individual number as the first value (column) in the database.
In a similar project, I only succeeded with this simple change. 

If that's not the solution, I'll take a closer look at your file.


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entering the datafields as a repeat list is an interesting idea, but I don't think it works. Respectively I find no solution. List processing is somewhat difficult in marionette, here it would be very helpful to optimize marionette in the future.

Here my experiments and a simple variant that works at least. (the lower one)

Forum_Set Record-mg.vwx

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Thank you very much for your help! So i have to insert a separate "set record field" node for every single field - that's it 🙂

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I think you could try using a Mix2 node and choose the Cross Reference mode in the Object Info palette of the node. The important thing for list handling in this instance is that there are the same number of values flowing to each input. The Mix 2 node allows you to repeat values in the way that you want.


Mix2 Cross Reference Example.vwx

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Hello Sarah

Great, it even works!

The handling with lists remains my personal weak point. 😫

greatings M.Graf


@Gregi - take the example of Sarah it is much better


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Hi Sarah


This is great an makes my network more clear!

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I just realized a weird thing. 
If I connect an object with several record fields I got duplicates in the output. A Bug?

It's easy to fix with a "Remove Duplicates" Node


Wrong, If i want this object to move afterwards:



And fixed:


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