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Relatives angles when drawing a polygon

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Hi !

Amother basic question that I can't find the answer in the documentation or the Tech Board... sorry.

When I'm drawing a polygon, how can I enter the angle for each segment relative to the last segment drawn. Because, the angle is always relative to the X axe (horizontal).

I'm sure there is a solution, because this a function everybody need for plans, but I can't find it.

I'm waiting for your help. Thank you

Gaetan, VW 11.5, Mac OS X

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I use keyboard input. Do you know, that you can use the numeric input field as a calculator? In the angle field (is that the right term?) just write 30+25 for instance. Where 30 would be the angle of your previous segment and 25 the relative angle of the new segment . VW will calculate the result for you and restrain the new segment to the correct angle.

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