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Enhancements to DMX Patch



Hi All,


I Would like to propose two enhancements to the DMX Patch menu.


Request 1:

To be able to filter the list based on Position, Instrument type etcetera. I Imagine a filter button similar to the "Filters..." button in the Instrument Summary. So one can also filter on multiple values. So for instance all instruments in LX1, LX2 and LX 3 will be previewed in the list. 


The use-case for this request is that often there are various types of fixtures in a postion and it is often a puzzle to set up the DMX patching efficiently so one needs few physical DMX cables to provide DMX to the system. This filtering can make it more easy to overview all of the fixtures that are in a position, and to then choose which fixtures go on which universe. I Know that the information is already visible in the list, but in bigger shows with a very long fixture list this wil help a lot.


I Think this together with my second request should be a very powerful tool:


Request 2:

I would like to see a preview of the total number of dmx channels in the visible list of the DMX Patch Based on before mentioned filter. So you set up a filter like above. And you immediately see the total amount of DMX channels. So you know if it will fit on one line for instance.


Also a hint that shows the DMX Footprint of a selection in the list would be very helpful.






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