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M. Milner Sommers

Copying Classes and Layers into different file

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I am a student Theatrical designer and am still learning some of the more complex actions that are possible. At the moment I am trying to bring objects from one file into a new file that I've made. This includes multiple Design layers and Classes with all their objects as well as a Viewport and Sheet layer. I've been poking around the forum for awhile but haven't found anything that helps, this may because I am using 2020 and things are slightly different.


I've tried importing the classes and layers via the Organization window however this seems to just bring in the structure and not the objects within them. 


I would love any advice or tips y'all have to offer!



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You're almost there!


When you get to selecting the layers to import, there is a checkmark for Import Layer Objects.  Check that.


That will import all the objects on the selected layers and the classes those objects are assigned to will also be imported.

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What Michael said works perfectly for design layers however there is no “import layer objects” option for sheet layers. Moreover viewports are a bit tricky to move from file to file. 

To import sheet layers along with all objects on the sheet incl viewports is a bit of a work around. you first import the sheets from the “New Sheet” command.. This will only bring in blank sheets but they will at least be named and have the correct  setup. 

you then need to copy and paste in place each sheet’s contents one at a time from one file to the other.


if there are viewports you want to transfer then first group the viewports before Copying. Then paste in place the vp, ungroup and use the eye dropper to match the class/ layer visibilities.


Tedious if there are lots of sheets but as far as I’m aware this is the only way to do it

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You can "group" all VPs before importing SLs.


This will bring VP in another file.

It will even keep some settings like render styles, crop and location (?)

but you will need to recreate all visibility things of Classes and Layers

manually again.

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