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Marionette object resets after 2D control point is moved

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Hi All,


I literally just started exploring the awesomeness that is Marionette today so please forgive the ignorance.  I migrated over from AutoCAD a little over a year ago and I'm really missing some of the dynamic blocks that I built to help with my workflow.  Marionettes seem to be able to fill that void.


I'm working on an object that creates "boundary" boxes for organizing some 2D symbols.  The object creates these boxes by specifying the size of the boundary box and specifying the number across and down.  It also has a "leader line" that will point to where the symbols are meant to go but are omitted for clarity.  I built the leader line component by creating a line segment with an offset from the origin point that connects to another line segment with a 2D Control Point.  


Everything works great until I move the control point.  It seems that moving the control point resets everything back to their original settings for some reason or another.  I've attached a video.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

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