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Import Layer Objects with New Sheet Layer, Spotlight 2020

Ryan Seybert


When creating a new design layer you have the option to import one from another file and include the objects on that layer.  You can also import sheet layers from a selected file but not any of the objects on that sheet layer.  This kind of seems pointless as it only imports the sheet name, number, and page size options.


Is it possible to add "Import Layer Objects" to this feature as well?  


Our main template file does not contain any pre-formatted department specific title blocks or worksheets in an effort to lean down the template file and alleviate those resources from being purged or sent off to third parties.  Currently, most worksheets that are to be printed/exported exist on sheet layers as the formatting in worksheets beyond creating a database, in my opinion, are poor and leave a lot to be desired.  Granted, this is coming from a Spotlight user where worksheets are being used as a replacement for the stock "paperwork", which are also poor.


Having the ability to "Import Layer Objects" at the sheet layer level will help expedite the process and prevent having to create the sheet layer, insert the title block border, and insert the appropriate worksheet.  Often times, there are 30+ of these sheet layers and any abilities to automate any of these steps would help tremendously.



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Group all the things on the sheet layer viewport and copy.

Paste into new document and ungroup.

Go to the Eyedropper tool and click on the settings button.

Choose 'Viewport Attributes' and tick everything apart from 'Other Properties' as this will transfer views, projection etc.

Then click on the original viewport and go to the new document and set the tool to put down mode (bucket). Find the viewport (which most likely will be blank) and click with the tool. The viewport should come back to life. This might not always work and I'm not sure about section viewports.

I agree it would be great for Vectorworks to be able to do this but I suspect there are significant technical reasons why for the moment at least, it can't be automated.




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