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SDK Only as far as I know.


I used to use the Message command for this, but a few versions ago it stopped displaying until the script run completed. I think it was going to be fixed, but I have not tried in VW 2020.


The AlertInform dialog box would be good for this as the Minor Alert boolean makes it show at the bottom edge of the drawing window where the rendering progress indicator sits, but only for the first run. After the first run it automatically is (or at least was in VW2017) it automatically defaulted to a full dialog box.


I hope one of these might work for you.

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Ahh thats a shame, I shall explore some external python libraries.. WxPython, TKinter etc.


On 3/1/2020 at 6:05 AM, Pat Stanford said:

After the first run it automatically is (or at least was in VW2017) it automatically defaulted to a full dialog box.

This still happens sadly..

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I am not sure, if have understood correctly your question. However I can say the following:

  • the progress dialog can be displayed without the vs.ProgressDlgStart() and terminated without the vs.ProgressDlgEnd() call.
  • without calling vs.ProgressDlgClose() the dialog window stays open until the script terminates.
  • vs.ProgressYield() has to have a numeric parameter vs.ProgressYield(1), otherwise pyhton errors are thrown.
  • vs.ProgressYield(int) has to be called otherwise the other messages like vs.ProgressDlgSetMeter(message) are not refreshed on the dialog window.
def messagePtest3():

	selCount = 10

	def DoTheWork():
	#	vs.ProgressDlgStart(100,selCount)
		for i in range(selCount+1):
			vs.Wait( 1 )	#well, we work by waiting

	vs.ProgressDlgOpen( "I'm about to do some work", False )
	vs.ProgressDlgSetMeter("") # this resets previous values, if vs.ProgressDlgStart is not callded
	# vs.ProgressDlgEnd()
    # vs.ProgressDlgClose() # if close is not called, the dialog stays open until the script terminates


best regards,





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