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One last try from me; ....

Michael you are confusing some separate concepts:

NNA do not own VW

VW and Allplan and MaxonC4D are owned by Nemetschek AG

NNA write VW, and sell it in the U.S.

Computers Unlimited sell VW in the UK.

Nemetschek UK sell Allplan in the UK

NNA is not promoting VW in the UK because they neither own it nor sell it

I think I've got this right ;-)

If you want to know why its "not being promoted ...in the UK"; ask C.U.; the people who sell it.

If you want to know if "they have no future for it in the UK and Europe and are pushing Allplan instead." ; ask Nemetschek AG; the people who own it.



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Thanks for explaining,it is a bit confusing to say the least and if I am conused other users and potential users will be confused. You could say it is not important but we do not seem to get the back up as you guys do in the states and Computers Unlimited are sellers and not manufactureres and sell other CAD products besides VW.

Words from another UK architect:

the other Michael seems to have it about right...

It's a mystery why Nemetschek don't sort out the who, what where of the names which causes no end of confusion.

As far as I know NNA (Nemetschek North America) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nemetschek AG of Munich.

Beyond that it pretty much does it's own thing - the only pressure from the parent will be to increase profitability to make a decent return on the $30 million Nemetschek paid for it.

Nemetschek AG is now a holding company still based in Munich, with Nemetschek Germany, Nemetschek France, Nemetschek UK etc etc etc all wholly owned subsidiaries (as far as my little brain understands these things).

Maxon Computer who make Cinema 4D is 70% owned by Nemetschek AG also, as well as several other companies involved in construction software or document management.

On a day to day basis all companies pretty much carry on independently - I guess as long as they make their sales targets they won't be getting calls from Munich ;-)

In the end it doesn't matter too much - if you looked at the survey I posted recently 15% of respondents used Vectorworks and 5% used Allplan - but it's irrelevant if you like using a particular programme.


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I think mw's right about it being confusing. If you use nemetschek.com as a guide, we don't promote VectorWorks anywhere [smile] The websites are the results of subsidiaries and channels working to promote themselves, but not doing a very cohesive job of it. I'm trying to get the nemetschek.net site more gobal so hopefully you'll have a single starting point for getting information about VectorWorks around the world. I'll also see what I can do about nemetschek.co.uk, another subsidiary of NAG.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

One rule of marketing is it's best to be your own competitor. VectorWorks does not yield markets to Allplan or vice-versa, because the net result of doing that would be losing most of those potential sales to other companies. So NNA tries to sell VectorWorks in the UK (via distributors) as actively as it can; there's no deference to Allplan in the UK or even in Germany. Likewise, Allplan is marketed in the US with no deference to VectorWorks.

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Viper -

The plant tool has been improved tremendously for version 12. I think you'll find the new improvements, especially the speed, to calm some of your concerns.

It really is fast to setup, place plants, edit plants, etc. Most placed plants can be edited in the OIP, also taking advantage of the speed improvement.

In addition, I think xfrog provides a vast array of plant choices.

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That is great news Katie.

Like most here I think having the base product stable is the most important thing, adding bells and whistles in updates whilst still retaining a shakey foundation has been a curse.

The place plant tool has been a scary, scary journey, I think a tech here has even said it requires a lot of feet paddling under the water to make it work, hence its unstable and slow behaviour.

I really really hope it has taken the leap it has so badly needed.

Importing a plant catalog just today sent the program into a fit of hanging, shaking, dribbling mess of a salt shaker, in the end it just shat itself and locked up !

You place rows of plants and just hang on, anything can result !

I do hope 12 has stepped up. [smile]

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