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Extruding a Faceted Surface

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I think Kevin has it right.  The Mesh object in step 5 allows movement of individual vertices or groups of vertices. The trick is to select using the select tool with a click on a vertex, or surround a vertex or group of vertices with a marquee (or lasso, or polygon if the select mode is changed to one of these options).  This selection can be done in any view (well, the side views don't help much at the start, because the mesh just looks like a line.)  The selected vertex can be moved in z direction by dragging, or numerically by tabbing into the smart cursor cues until the z field is active.



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To clarify. I'm guessing, we're all guessing, at the final results desired. it looks to me like a series of flat panels. I agree that sarong with a 2D rectangle/polys gives the base layout.


I think the desired results are flat planes of sheet metal or some other thin material. I m unclear as to whether the gaps are wanted.


Once the points re determined in 3D space, I would use the 3D Polygon tool to make the polys and then the Shell Solid tool to get the thickness. If the gaps are desired, that's probably it. It these 3D objects need to mitre, some fussing will be required.

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