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Moving referenced symbols


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I have a file with a number of symbols that are referenced from another file. I can select these referenced symbols by drawing a marquee and even delete them, but cannot move or rotate them. How do I remedy this? Is there a preference that I'm missing? I don't want to have to make duplicates of all of them but haven't figured out how to revise the drawing otherwise. Any suggestions?

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WGR requires that you edit in the original file,only. If you desire to edit those objects, you will need to remove the link. This will 'free' all the Layers & Symbols, etc. for editing. Another way is to selectively import only those symbols, etc. which you desire to change leaving the others as references. But make sure that you 'rename' the imported symbols so as to avoid future confusion... datestamping the name is one solution, "DR-3080-100905"

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I'm not trying to edit the symbols, only select, move and rotate them in the plan. But I think I've found a workaround. They're made up of walls (to utilize the hybrid nature) and I can select and move them when in 3D mode, but not 2D mode. This must be a bug.

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You are not able to edit, move, rotate, or otherwise modify the nature of any objects that have come into a file through workgroup referencing. Yes, you can do this while the file is open, but the moment you save/close the file, those changes have been reverted to their original state. (I think the problem you are talking about in 2d mode probably has to do with layer scales/views/class and or layer options not being set to the proper criteria)

The only way to edit/rotate/move those objects is by way of editing them in the original file. The other option is to import the symbol into the current file and place it that way.

One of the purposes of workgroup referencing is to set office standards - the standards cannot be changed by the average user in the office.

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I'm not trying to be difficult, but I guess I'm not being clear. I have imported the symbol into the new drawing as well as duplicated it within the new file with a new name. None is the only class used. I've not had trouble with other symbols except ones created with objects using the Wall tool. Since I found a workaround, I can deal with it, but I'm certain it's doing something that it's not supposed to.

For the record, the symbol in question consists of two small wall elements, class set to None. The layer I'm working (set at Active Only) is not a referenced layer, but uses a DUPLICATE of the referenced symbol created IN THE NEW FILE. I can send a copy if that helps.

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