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Setting Hardscape Levels

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I've created a hardscape by boundary, due to varying width and form - though the hardscape is essentially intended to be a path, and I need to treat it as such in terms of levels.


I know using the roadway / pathway settings you can edit each point on the path to set the level and crossfall... is there a way to do this with a boundary hardscape? Essentially I want to be able to input the edge levels along the route in 3D, and then potentially make this a modifier for my site model.


Is the workflow for this to edit a base site model, placing stakes at the required chainages, and then set the hardscape as a texture bed only? I'd ideally like to set the levels within the hardscape itself, and keen to use the slab settings within the hardscape to allow detail sections. Any help much appreciated.



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@lisagravytry using a combination of Slabs and Aligned Slabs. Setting down values of slabs to elevation and using the areas in between as Aligned slab to snap to the slabs. You could also use aligned slab and then use Surface modifiers to set stake values as desired.

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...Apart from, it crashes anytime I try to add a modifier.


Do I have to 'edit surface modifiers' within the hardscape itself, or can I use a standard stake modifier on top of the hardscape? It seems to be that editing surface modifiers is crashing all the time.


Sometimes a site modifier stake seems to work on top, and sometimes it doesn't.


Anyone used this successfully and have any tips? 

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Attached is an example of this tool not working, to the right edge of the hardscape it has worked...to the left edge it hasn't, note I've used site modifiers in red.


Is this just a bug or am I using the tool wrong? 



Screen Shot 2020-03-03 at 09.49.17.png

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@chrissk33 the aligned slab will snap to slabs so from what it looks like you could just ignore the hardscape modifiers and realign the aligned slab.

It is a little difficult to tell though just by a picture, but that would help.

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