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Please can someone answer this, probably very stupid question!  I want to do a simple shadow study on a site and I believe I need to use the Heliodon tool.  I have looked this up online and found this webpage: https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2018/eng/VW2018_Guide/SolarStudies/Inserting_a_Heliodon_Object.htm#XREF_67434_Inserting_a

This says the tool is located in the Visualisation toolkit.  But I cannot find it there, or anywhere else.  When I search the help within my Vectorworks programme it does not come up.  I am using Vectorworks Landmark 2019.  Does this have the Heliodon tool?  And if not, is there another way of checking shadows?


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Yes, it's definitely available in Landmark, and is definitely in the Visualisation tool set. Could it be that you've migrated an older template forwards which won't have the new tools on it? 


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I am feeling my way in the dark here!  In the end what I did was copy and paste a helicon symbol from another drawing.  

Where I was looking for the tool was in:

Window - Palettes - Visualisation.  

Now that I have copies the helicon in from another drawing it shows up there.  But if I try right click and new then I just get the option of a light which has properties of heights etc, but I cannot see the Heliodon tool.


Not sure what I am doing wrong!  I have drawn some simple Massing Models for the buildings around the square.  So now I shall see if I can work out the shadows.  I am sure I will have plenty more questions!



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Definitely in Visualisation. Could try open up the workspace editor (arrow) and see if you could locate it from there and add it back ? Or alternative try switching between different workspace Tool > Workspaces


Screenshot 2020-02-26 at 13.31.02.png

Screenshot 2020-02-26 at 13.34.03.png

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It is in the Visualization Tool Set, but it is not in the Visualization Palette. The Palette shows the lights (and Heliodons) in the drawing and allows you to turn on and off the lights and select them in the drawing (along with layer/class/etc.).


The Tool Set allows you to place Lights, Heliodons, Cameras and flyover/walkthrough models.


Similar names, very different functions.

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