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New Mac Pro (2019)

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If one were to configure the new Mac Pro (2019) for superior Vectorworks performance, what would that look like? I've read that more cores (and obviously more RAM) is better but what about the video card? 

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it would be like buying a Ferrari to go to the local shop........!!!  


will look nice but you'll never change out of first gear to use vectorworks. 

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I would rather say it's like ploughing up a field with a Formula 1 racing car. If you want a really badass Vectorworks tractor, buy a Threadripper 2990x machine. If you're looking for a decent machine, you'll do fine with one of the Ryzen 3000 right now. If it really has to be Apple, an iMac is still the best choice.

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Well I think each to their own on why someone would buy a Mac Pro, it is actually quite an upgradable machine and you are able to upgrade the CPU yourself in the future.


From what I have gathered before gauging whether a Mac Mini 6 core will be up to the job (answer is yes !).

CPU - Any choice from the spec will certain do the job

RAM - Any choice from the spec will certain do the job 

GPU - for most work with renderworks, min 4GB on 1080p, 6GB on 4K monitor. The more is better on this case, however Vectorworks does not benefit from having more than one GPU or from multiple GPUs in SLI configuration. So a dual graphics card is a waste of money. 


I am currently working with a built in Intel UHD Graphics 630 graphics card, while in some case it takes a couple of minutes to render but its workable while I wait to get an ePGU in the future.


iMac and iMac Pro is a great alternative, although I hate the screen......


Hope this helps.



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While Vectorworks would certainly perform well on a MacPro, you pay a lot for things you don't really need in Vectorworks. You get a server CPU, ECC RAM, enterprise SSD and a workstation GPU while Vectorworks asks for a desktop or HEDT CPU, non ECC RAM, a fast SSD and a fast gaming GPU.

This is why you get a HEDT computer that performs better in Vectorworks than the full-featured MacPro for the price of the basic MacPro model.
I would also be rather critical of the upgradeability. As Linus says in the video, it is worth buying a base model and upgrading RAM, CPU or GPU yourself. But I wouldn't speculate to be able to upgrade to the next Xeon generation in the future. Intel has already announced that a new Xeon generation with PCI-E 4.0 can be expected by the end of the year. But almost certainly with a new socket. So the MacPro 2019 will then only be able to be upgraded with the Xeons that are already available today, at least then at a probably lower price. Based on this anouncement of Intel, I dare say that Apple will be releasing a PCI-e 4.0 MacPro 2020 upgrade before Christmas. So if you want to buy a MacPro and can wait, I would rather wait for this update, because the 2020 PCIe 4.0 motherboard with a new socket might then actually survive another Xeon generation and keep its upgrade promise. Also this 2020 PCI-e 4.0 MacPro would'nt be already outdated before its release.

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