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North Point position

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I've been putting together a new title sheet border style which can be adapted to fit A0, A1 and A2 (both orientations) however the North point location doesn't reposition itself in relation to the other items, including loci of the title block.


I've attached 2 screen grabs showing what happens to the North Arrow when the page size changes from A1 Landscape to A1 Portrait.


Any wisdom is always appreciated!





Screenshot 2020-02-21 at 16.50.50.png

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Probably not what you want but if you set the north point location by instance rather than by style you can just position the NP manually.


Of course you could just make different stlyles for different sheet sizes which is what a lot of people do.


Alternately you could just use one sheet size and TB style then scale your sheet in your sheet layer print settings. (This is what we do).


Another trick is to use a Worksheet to control the location of all north points in all sheets across a whole file. This way if the NP’s are by instance they can quickly be adjusted. 

We use a TBB housekeeping worksheet for  editing North Points as well as many other TBB border settings.


I cld flick you our housekeeping worksheet for TBB’s if you’re interested in playing with it.

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Hello, @Boh  

I am also hoping to have only one title block border style,
but i got the same problem on north point
and also i choose "fit on page"... but when I try to put in on A3 page... it just can't fit on it. (I build my title block border on A1)





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In your first screenshot it says the tb border is unstyled but in your second it is calling it “title block border style” so not sure what is going on there.


I don’t use the fit to page option so not sure if it is buggy.


I suggest you try making more of the tb settings, incl sheet size, by style rather than by instance so all TB s can be better centrally controlled. Do this by editing the style settings from the RM

Perhaps check your page set up settings. There is an option to scale the page in the print options.

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