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Single VWX Project/Model Help Needed - Time Sensitive


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I am looking for someone to assist with a project that falls out of my level of expertise with Vectorworks. 


One of our clients has an existing 38' fake Christmas tree that is built using a steel frame and then panels with fake fir that connect to the frame. Our goal is to remove the existing Christmas lights and add new, more advanced LEDs. 


This requires us to build a grid pattern to make sure that the LED programming and mapping remains consistent over the entire span of the tree. We're working with incomplete information, so it requires us to essentially recreate the design to make sure everything is going to work correctly. The requirement is that each panel that mounts to the tree becomes its own individual unit rather than merely building the tree and running the lights around the tree once it is built. 


Working on the 3D side of Vectorworks and working with arcs, angles etc falls out of my level of expertise, so I need to find someone who can assist with this project. The resources we have available to do this project are: 


  • Installation instructions that don't have dimensions but gives you a general idea of how the existing system is built
  • Accurate within a 1/2" variance of the panels that slide onto the tree that I re-created in Vectorworks
  • Information about the lighting options and the spacing between each light
  • Photos of the completed tree as it stands now


I am hoping to get this wrapped up as soon as possible, so if you're available and feel this is something you can do, please send me your contact information so we can get started. I will pay 50% upfront based on your estimate and the remaining balance after completion. 


Thank you!


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