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Modeling Vertical Positions - State of the Union?

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Hi All,


Wanted to get a sense of what workflows people are using lately to model and document vertical positions.


Since the introduction of 2020, we now have 3 options.. Schematic View, DLVP, and straight modeling + 3D viewports.


Are people using Schematic View successfully in real applications? I demoed the feature when 2020 first came out and immediately ran into problems with fixtures not showing up correctly, especially with regards to 3d orientations set to a value other than default.


I try to just get away with modeling vertical positions in position whenever I can, and only resort to DLVP when I really have to. It seems like 3D label legends have matured enough since their introduction that it is a pretty decent solution. I just want to make sure it's not a total *dinosaur* move to continue the DLVP workflow.

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@BenV If you find that you do not need DLVP or Schematic Views to convey your drawings then you don't need to use them.  Spotlight is trying to move away from DLVP workflow as it does not work with MVR or Braceworks, it can also be a performance hog depending on what you are doing with them.  We know that Schematic Views had some issues but we are working hard to correct them.    I would check back in with SP3 to see if more performance and quality issues have been fixed.  

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@BrandonSPP Do we have a timeline on when SP3 will be released?  Since the introduction of Schematic views, Create Plot & Model View and DLVP have lost practical functionality when lighting focus is taken into consideration.  There are several threads in the forum on the subject expressing the concern.  As you stated in your post, there are many issues with Schematic Views and very little instruction from VW on how the workflow is to be applied.  Schematic Views, I've found, tend to bog down my system more than a DLVP would.  An idea on when this feature will become fully realized would a great help.



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@rseybert SP3 will be out in mid March, as to how many of the bug will be fixed I don't know just yet. I do know that the Spotlight team has been focusing on performance and quality.

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