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Corrupt Drawings

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I am not sure this is a problem with Vectorworks or not buy sure I will give it a go here and see if anyone has had the same problem. Recently (well within the last few months) some Vectorworks files have been getting corrupt. So much so that they are reading as 0k file size where they may have been 4000k. When i try to open one i get the following message:


I am not sure what is happening to these files. One day they work then we might try them a few days later and they are corrupt. We work on VW 11.5, Mac OS X.4 and all files are stored on an XServe G5 with a Retrospect Backup Sytem. The reason I am posting here is that so far no other type of file seem to have been corrupt so I am assuming its something that VW is doing when saving the files after being used. Some of the corrupt drawings may have been created in a previous version of VW... could that be part of it....?



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Thanks for the reply... I will check that out when i get a chance... Amazingly i have just been told by another colleague that he has discovered another corrupt drawing. Today i have been able to recover both drawings from a backup but on a previous occasion the recovered drawing was quite out of date as the normal backup had overwritten the correct file with the corrupt one and i had to revert to an archive copy. Can I email someone in Nemetschek with before and after drawing files for scrutiny....?


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OS9 & older VW files require both a Data Fork(large)&Resource Fork(small) file package. It appears that your files are being split and you are only accessing the default Resource Fork part of the file and not seeing the Data Fork portion which contains all the information you have created. For example if you are using OS9 and copy a VW File to a PC Server via Samba the server will not recognize the Resource Fork but only the Unix Data Fork. If you try to open the file it will give you the message you posted.

OSX doesn't have this problem.

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Good ... the 0k means that you are seeing a path to the alias of the temp. file created by the system to link to the server path and/or various drive paths. The real file exists somewhere at a different file path. This is a common problem with Win2000 and WinXP Servers. The alias becomes the file path. Try searching for all the files by 'Type' and/or 'Creator'... you may need to 'show invisibles'...you might be pleasantly surprised...

You may be experiencing a bug is Tiger ( now @v10.4.3)


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