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Detail Callout 'line' resets in crazy positions

Amorphous - Julian


Hi, I have been having this issue since 2018, when we complained about it to our local VW distributor.


The 'line' that links the detail callout marker to the detail callout frame will often go crazy (sometimes after save and commit in Project Sharing, but its just erratic as to when it will happen).


In our office, we line up our markers to the reference frame (with a lot of time and effort), and when we see this line in between suddenly going nuts, it is disheartening and making our drawings look unprofessional. 


I hope someone can help or make sure this improves in the next SP of 2019 and 2020.





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Hi. This is a SERIOUS ISSUE. 

Our basic drawings can't even look correct or professional. And there is NO WAY for us to modify this. 


Is anyone from Vectorworks reading these posts at all, or am I just wasting my time posting here?

With respect, it makes no sense for us as designers/architect who charges for the work we perform, to spend time here reporting software issues if no one has the courtesy to write back.

Issue occurred again today, and screenshot below. We cannot modify the position of this callout arm. 


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Yup- hopefully we will get a fix! 

Btw, editing geometry in the reference frame is a real pain too!

You have to press ‘next vertex’ at every point, select the ‘type of curve’ and type in the radius.


Since this tool is not snappy / responsive (few seconds wait after each click), retrospectively giving rounded corners to a rectangular callout frame can take 5 minutes. Argh!!

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