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Roof faces disappear in Orthoganol view


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I have a very straightforward roof for a small house, which I created as a roof, then ungrouped so I could alter one roof face.  I have done this many times before with no issues.  This time however, I can only see the roof in 2D view, and as soon as I try to look at it in any 3D view it disappears  - I can select the roof faces before changing the view and the OIP will say I have 7 roof faces selected, I just can't see any of them.  I have tried fit to objects in case the roof faces are in a funny place, but still nothing shows up.  Classes are all visible.


Any clues?




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Try double clicking into the roof face to see if there is stray geometry.  Sometimes there can be lines or duplicate geometry that can make 2d representation a problem.  I double click and cut the geometry I want to keep.  Then select all and delete whatever is leftover.  Then paste the good geometry back in place.  That way you can make sure geometry is clean.  Otherwise make sure polygon is closed. 

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ok, I have just checked each roof face, and the only geometry in each one was a single polygon, so no stray bits and pieces there.


I have just tried creating a new unedited roof on top of the walls, and it creates fine, I can see it in a 2D plan, it has solid fill visible in  a 2D plan.  I have it selected, and as soon as I go to a 3D view (in this case I have just tried a Right hand view) it disappears-I can still see the blue squares indicating I have something selected and the OIP says it is my roof.  The roof is sitting directly on top of the walls, as indicated by the location of the blue squares.


I have never had this happen before.... baffling.

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Before giving up on the file, I might try to make a new roof face to see if it solves the problem.  Pay special attention to the class of the rectangle that you use to make the roof face.  If it's a relatively simple roof face, you should have your polygon and you know all the settings.

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Try this:

- copy the Roof Face object.

- paste in place into a new blank file.

- copy that pasted Roof Face object.

- go back to the original file and delete the Roof Face object.

- paste in place the copied Roof Face object.


This process makes the Roof Space object regenerate and it may solve the problem you are having.


The other thing I would do is check the 2D source geometry of the Roof Face object to ensure that it is closed and doesn't have vertices very close to each other at one of the corners.




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