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Updater 3.1

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I launched VW 2019 and I got an alert to update to 2020, said no, and then a note to download an update to 2019, SP 3.1.  First it automatically updated the downloader.  Then it brought up a dialog to get the service update.  The writing was all in Chinese, or asian Kanji.  It Said SP 3.1.  When I saw the chinese letters I quit.


I relaunched VW 2019 and checked for updates.  It says I'm running SP 3.  It said it was up to date.


What is going on?  Running a virus scan on hard drive now.



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ClamX says clean.  I'm wondering whether some server at the VW end was corrupted, or whether it was just a snafu where I got a dialogue for a language specific version of VW.  And since I did download an update to the updater, but not the update itself, I wonder if the updater even though it looks ok, might in the future corrupt things when I do an update.  The updater had english characters, the dialogue to down load the actual VW update had Kanji.


Is there a way to check or replace the updater?

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