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2020 - all lights offest upon opening a 2019 file


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Hi all,


I had started a light plot last week in 2019, but apparently I need to use 2020 in order for my workflow to function with Vision, so I just started with 2020. When I open my 2019 plot in 2020 (Windows 10), all my lights are now offset by a couple feet SL from their position on some truss towers, as well as the electrics. Also, all of their Z heights now bear little resemblance to what I painstakingly set them at the other day..


In plan view, I then grabbed several lights that were at the top of truss towers, and moved them manually back on top of the truss towers, and they look correct in plan view, but when I click the 3d flyover tool, all of a sudden, the lights are back to being offset. I then tried "unified view", which moved the lights back off their trusses again.


Before I take the time to individually re-position every lamp, is there a fix for this?







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