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Ryan Seybert

Lighting Pipe issues, VW2020

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Hi All,


Noticing a few issues with the Lighting Pipe tool:


  • Lighting Pipes do not change texture or color fill in any render mode/view other than top/plan.  All other render modes yield a white lighting pipe.
  • Changing trim heights seems to be a bit tedious.  If I draw a lighting pipe, set it's "Z" value, and then populate it with fixtures it tends to change its height on its own.  Usually, it'll pop back to 0'-0" once the lighting fixtures have been added.  If I change the "Z" value of the fixtures, either through the OIP or physically dragging to the pipe, the pipe will track with the movement and now be double the original height.  If I then change the "Z" value of the pipe, the fixtures will be in the ground.  Usually, after a few rounds of those steps, everything will cooperate and I can move on to the next position and do the same song and dance.  I've noticed this in a few drawings now.


Any insight would be greatly appreciated.



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#1 This is a known issue with path-based extrudes in plug-ins. You can see it with the various other objects. Part of the problem is when the pipe is set to a class, that class is set to texture by class, but no texture is selected. Either set a texture in the class definition, or uncheck the by class option in the definition and set a texture in the OIP

#2 I have not experienced or heard of the position height change after adding units. I also don’t see the height of the position change if I change the z height of a unit. How are you adding instruments? Can you confirm that the position height actually changes and it’s not just a screen-redraw issue?

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@JBenghiat Thanks.  I was able to get the texture sorted through the class settings.


Of course, I set out to make a screen recording of the issue I was having and it decided to behave for the most part.  I put some lekos on a pipe from top/plan view and they snapped fine.  I then added some LED pars to the same pipe the same way and they were in the ground.  However, the pipe did not change elevation when I chawed the elevation of the fixtures.  I then changed the elevation of the pipe and the lekos track but the pars did not.  I selected the pars and attached them to the pipe via the right-click menu "attach to rigging object" with no immediate change.  Then I changed the elevation of the pipe and all four fixtures tracked with the change.  Go figure.


I'm gonna say this was a case of operator error.  I know the rigging objects have been changing a little here and there and I'm sure this is some growing pains on my part.  I'll keep an eye out and post if it happens again.


Thanks again for the help.

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The whole concept of Rigging Object (Truss, Straight Truss, Curved Truss, Pipe, and Ladder) as something that interacts directly with loads (including Lighting Devices) is new for 2020, so there's potential for both learning new workflows and for discovering bugs.

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