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Data tag numbering problem

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I'd like to be able to set a data tag that has a two digit number that counts up incrementally like a normal data tag (01, 02, 03). Right now it will only do a single digit integer (1, 2, 3). I've tried changing the "sequence settings" field, but it doesn't work. Of course there's a workaround where I can just put the 0 as a text before the incrementing formula, but then I will get 3 digit numbers once I hit 010, 011, 012. I also tried the "user-entered field" option with a decimal number as a workaround, but that doesn't work either.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

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If you have not edited Data Tags before it is a little "different"


Pick a Data Tag style that is close to what you want. Insert it into the drawing and Convert to Unstyled. Then use Create Plug-in from Unstyled Plug-In. (or I your base style is already in the drawing you could just duplicate and rename in the Resource Manager).


Find the new style in the Resource Manager, Data Tag Styles folder.


Right Click and choose Edit.

From the dialog box click the Edit Tag Layout button.

Select the block of text you want to change.

Click the Define Tag Fields button at the bottom of the Object Info Palette (OIP).

Delete what is currently in the Current Tag Field window.

In the Data pull down choose Incrementing Value. Select Integer then click the Sequence Settings... button.

Set the Start Value to 01 and click OK.

Click the Add to Definition button at the bottom of the dialog box and then OK.

Click the Exit Tag Layout Edit button at the top right of the screen.

Select the Data Tag Tool. In the mode bar select your newly created/edited style.

Click and enter some tags. They should have 2 digits.



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