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Object Selection some BUT not all layers

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I know Layer Options: Show/Snap/Modify Others lets you select and modify anything, regardless of layer.  Is there any easy way to exclude some layers from this?  


For Example, my set designer just rotated the set 180 degrees on the sound stage after I've completed my light plot.  I'd like to grab, my lighting layers and the set layers, but not the stage and pipe grid layers and then rotate 180.  There most be an easy way to do this that doesn't involve rotating and re-aligning dozens of layers, one at a time.



Thank you

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Guest Alex Sagatov

It will depend on the exact situation / file structure, but my first thoughts would be:


1) Tools Menu > Custom Selection --- Here, you could do a custom selection on only certain layers.

2) Design Layer Filters / Search --- You could turn everything else off and then just turn on the layers with a specific filter/name. (If 2018 is still your newest version, this won't be in there)

3) Saved Views --- You could set up saved views that only have the layers you generally work on visible.


With all of these, you can set them up in a template, so if you are using similar file/naming structures between your documents, adding them to your template file may be helpful.

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