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Viewport fail – and the solution

Kaare Baekgaard

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I quess this is a rare problem:


Suddenly all my final quality renderworks viewports failed to render properly – transparencies were missing, etc.

When I entered the design layer, everything looked looked right and rendered perfectly.

I battled with the issue for several hours, then remembered, that I had disabled textures in the OpenGL option menu.

I switched it back on and yes, that fixed the issue.


So: OpenGL settings are somehow linked to Final Quality Renderworks in viewports.


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Unless my setup is somehow flawed, anyone should be able to replicate the issue.


But I attach an example:


Go to the sheet layer and render the FQR viewport in the center.


Go to the design layer and disable 'Use Textures' in OpenGL Options


Return to the sheet layer and render again – if the textures are gone, you have replicated the issue.


If you can do the same on a file of your own, the issue may be universal.


I use an iMac.

Skærmbillede 2020-02-13 kl. 11.46.44.png

OpenGL test.vwx OpenGL test.pdf

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I ran into a similar situation except directly on the design layer in 2020. If OpenGL is set to not display textures or colors, then Renderworks would not display them either.  That does not make sense to me as I’ve always understood the OpenGL and Renderworks engine to be independent of one another but it was absolutely the case. 

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