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Renderworks Light color by Class

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Hi All,


I recently watched a Vectorworks webinar that discussed some rendering workflows for the Entertainment industry.  One of them was to use a renderworks light embedded in a generic 2d/3d symbol instead of an actual Lighting device to skirt around having to create a bunch of focus points all the work load that comes with that.  I agree.  


The way the presenter controlled the color of the lists was through classing overrides in the various viewports, giving them enough flexibility to quickly make different lighting looks. they did this with the lens of fixture as well, allowing for a more realistic representation of a theatrical light.  Whats was achieved by setting the texture assigned to the lens as color fill by object... which is set to class style.


I'm trying to replicate this workflow and I cannot seem to get the render lights to behave correctly according to the webinar.  Is it possible to control the lights in this fashion or is this another case of VW changing something between 2019 and 2020?  The lens texture works just fine.


I can see the light in the visualization palette but cannot edit its properties there as its buried inside a symbol definition.  



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I don’t think you can control the actual colour of the light from a lighting device’s emitter using classes. I have never actually tried though.


however, a light object can be assigned a colour by class and be placed within a 3D symbol and controlled that way. Was that not the workflow in the webinar?

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@markdd I'm not surprised at all that you responded to this.  Ha ha.


You are correct.  I'm trying to change the color of a light object by altering its class settings in a viewport which was the workflow discussed in the webinar.  I'm trying to leave actual lighting devices out of the workflow for now.

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Did I not change the colour of the light from the visualisation palette as an override for that viewport? Sorry, it’s over a year ago since I did the webinar. Last month was a repeat!

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@markdd I'm actually talking about another webinar that was a recording of a Design Summit session last year.  Did you touch on something similar in your webinar?  I'll have to go back and rewatch.

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@Luis M Ruiz I've checked that a few times.  I did notice that the fill color displays as set by class but the fill type displays as solid.  When I try to change it to "by class" it snaps back to solid.  Probably not related but perhaps worth mentioning.


This is issue does only happen in viewports when the class has an override.  Seems to work properly in design space.

Screen Shot 2020-02-13 at 8.47.15 PM.png

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