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Title Block Border: Is it possible to include the time with Revisions?

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It appears that you can enter the time as text after the date when you create or edit a revision. But you will need to make sure that the column for the data is spaced properly to accept either the wider width or wrapped height of the more text.


I don't know of a way to have the time automatically populated the way the way the date is.

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@Peter Neufeld When in need of date and time info on the "non-print" side of a sheet, we have used the stand alone Data Stamp tool.

Drop it on the bottom left corner of a sheet layer and it prints in the border to let you know what drawing was used to create the file and what time it was created.

Not a Title Block but perhaps an enhancement request can get it incorporated.


Data Stamp Tool.png

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DBrunhke's idea may be workable. I just tested a time stamp data tag in a title block and the time stamp did update when a revision was added, but it does not link to the revision. That means that you can indicate when the last time the title block was updated, but unless you manually enter the date/time when you create the revision (which since the dialog box automatically opens when you create the revision does not see like too much of a problem), you will only get the last time the title block was updated, and not the time of every revision.


If you need this it is worth putting in an enhancement request.


Or it would probably be possible to create a script that would add the time to the last revision. But it might be nasty. The last time I played with revision data it was all stored in one giant record. I think that has changed, but I have not done much with it since then.

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