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Vectorworks Blog: Autosave Preferences

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Regarding today's blog post…



"Session > Maximum number of Undos > 42

Vectorworks tech support recommends a maximum of 25 undos, but I like to live on the edge, so I have mine set to 42 (fellow Douglas Adams fans might appreciate this). For my needs, I also have “Undo View Changes” set to “Grouping Similar View Changes.”"


I was not aware of this recommendation. Why is this? Beyond memory usage, is there another reason such as stability?


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39 minutes ago, Diamond said:

Before reading this article it never occurred to me that Undo history could be causing (m)any of my issues. Cheers.

@Diamond Undo's can be a memory hog. Had a user complaining that they had constant beachballs. Come to find out they had set the Undo to the maximum of 100.

Changed that to 25 and "changed" their workflow to not need that many undo operations and bye bye beachballs.




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